Apply for Services & Support

Apply for Services & Support

Here you can find all of the applications for The Arc Central Chesapeake Region’s Programs and Services. In addition, we have added other applications and forms that are typically needed to receive services for your convenience. If you are having trouble, or need more information, please use the navigation bar above for our specific programs and contact information. If you have a question about a form from another agency, please use the information provided to contact them for further information.

We know the amount of paperwork can be overwhelming. We are here for you if you need us!

The Arc Programs and Services:

For your convenience, we have one form that applies to all of the programs we offer.

You can go to the DDA website for more information.

Family & Children’s Services:

Transition Series

The Life Transition Series, presented by Anne Arundel County Schools and The Arc Central Chesapeake Region, is comprised of seven workshops designed to provide families of students with disabilities who are transitioning from school to adult services, with valuable information and resources to facilitate a successful transition. Each session focuses on a specific topic providing information that is crucial for preparing to enter adult life. The Life Transition Series is open to all families interested in increasing their knowledge on the specific topics.

Grant Applications:

Our agency applies for grants throughout the fiscal year to obtain funding to pass on to families who have a child with a developmental or intellectual disability. Please visit our Family and Children’s Services page for this information.


The Arc Central Chesapeake Application for Services

Department Of Rehabilitation Services (DORS)
This link will take you to DORS website where you can fill out an online referral form. There will be more information on that page.

Self-Directed Fiscal Management Services (SDFMS):

The Arc Central Chesapeake Application for Services