Self-Directed Services

Self-Directed Services – Community Pathways waiver provides the ability for the individual and/or family to hire his/her own staff to self-direct resources. This program promotes responsibility and self-determination by placing control and power with individuals and/or families to meet their own needs by managing all available community resources. For more information about Self-Directed Services click here.

Self-Directed Fiscal Management Services

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Self-Directed Service Forms:

2018 Pay Periods Calendar

Employee Timesheet

FMS Fee Structure

Reference for Self Directed Participant Employers and Support Brokers

New Hire Documentation:

Self Directed Employee Application (For Your Records)

Background Check

i-9-Instructions and form

Self Directed Employee Statement

Maryland Withholding -507

IRS Form W-4

Maryland New Hire Registry

Employee Payroll Information

PayChoice Direct Deposit

Special Tax Exemptions

Employee Change/Unemployment-Termination Documentation:

Employee Change Form

Unemployment/Termination Documentation

Montgomery County Earned Sick & Safe Leave Law:

Letter from DDA 

Fact Sheet

Earned Sick and Safe Leave Poster

Vendor Documentation:

2018 Vendor Payment Information

Vendor Payment Request Form

IRS Form W-9

Mileage Reimbursement

Support Broker Documentation

Maryland DDA Self-Directed Services Program