Self-Directed Services

Self-Directed Services – Community Pathways waiver provides the ability for the person and/or family to hire his/her own staff to self-direct resources. This program promotes responsibility and self-determination by placing control and power with person and/or families to meet their own needs by managing all available community resources.
For more information about Self-Directed Services, click here.  Self-Directed Fiscal Management Services

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Self-Directed Service Forms:

The Arc CCR 2019 Payroll Calendar

The Arc CCR FMS Accounts Payable 2019 Calendar

Self-Directed Services Employee Timesheet

FY19 FMS Fee Structure

Self-Directed Service Tools & Information

Fraud Prevention for Employees

Fraud Prevention for Participants

Reference for Self Directed Participant Employers and Support Brokers

Understanding Support Broker Requirements

New Hire Documentation:

Self Directed Employee Application (For Your Records)

Background Check

i-9-Instructions and form

Employee Agreement

Maryland Withholding – MW507

IRS Form W-4

Maryland New Hire Registry

Employee Payroll Information

Paycom Direct Deposit Authorization

Special Tax Exemptions

Employee Tax Information

Understanding Fringe and Employment Tax Exemptions

Understanding Income Tax Exemptions aka Difficulty of Care Payment Exclusions

Tax Talk – Employment and Income Tax Brief

Employee Change/Unemployment-Termination Documentation:

Employee Change Form

Employee Termination/ Inactivation Form

Montgomery County Earned Sick & Safe Leave Law:

Letter from DDA 

Fact Sheet

Earned Sick and Safe Leave Poster

Worker Injury Reporting:

Self-Directed Services Employee Injury Reporting

Worker Injury Reporting Form- English

Worker Injury Reporting Form- Spanish

Vendor Documentation:

Vendor Payment Request Form

IRS Form W-9

Mileage Reimbursement Form Information for SDS Payments

Support Broker Documentation

Maryland DDA Self-Directed Services Program

Financial Reporting/Statement Information:

Understanding Your Statement

Budget Modification Tips