YOU make all the difference

March is Developmental Disability Awareness Month – a time of opportunity and celebration. It is an opportunity to promote respect, foster understanding, and encourage inclusivity. Because our communities are stronger when people with disabilities are living, working, playing, and thriving right alongside us.

Take Joselyn for example. She has taken her love of sewing and fashion design and created her own business – Joselyn Dream. By founding and operating her own Etsy business, she is on her way to achieving the freedom of self-employment, and the opportunity to do something she loves.

In the spirit of Developmental Disability Awareness month, I ask that you consider sharing your commitment to creating more opportunities for people, like Joselyn, with a gift.

Joselyn is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many self-advocates out there who are taking steps to achieve their dreams. And they need your help.

You make all the difference. You can help people like her keep dreaming, and keep succeeding.

A gift to The Arc Central Chesapeake Region helps people, like Joselyn, discover and pursue their dreams. By supporting programs customized to fit the individual person, you are creating a stronger community that encourages people with disabilities to live, work, play, thrive – and succeed.

Please consider making a gift to The Arc Central Chesapeake Region today.