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A Look Back at National DSP Week – Honoring Our Colleagues

September 16, 2022

With the passing of another National Direct Support Professional Recognition Week, we want to take one more opportunity to thank The Arc’s DSPs.

The work DSPs do every day is critical, and we wanted to take a moment to highlight just a few examples of the ways our DSPs show up for the people they support time and time again. This year alone, we’ve heard countless stories of how our DSPs support people to live, work, and connect in their communities.

Just a few ways that DSPs have made an impact this summer:

  • In Day Services, Cathy Maxfield, Tammy Minarik, and Deidra Price supported people who wanted to organize a bowling league, including team shirts and trophies.
  • Several DSPs in Living Options & Services who worked with The Arc’s External Relations Team to get Bowie Baysox tickets donated for a large group to go to a game this summer.
  • LaTeetra Branche found connections between people’s interests and goals in their person-centered plans to connect them with volunteer opportunities at local organizations like the BARCS animal shelter in Baltimore.
  • Michael Hook, whose long-term goal was to find a new Scorekeeper position, landed a job this summer with the support of his Employment Advisor.

The Arc’s DSPs have been there for the little moments, too, like supporting Megan as she learned how to use an air fryer she was gifted so she could cook a meal for her fiancé.

Despite how difficult connection has been because of the pandemic, The Arc’s DSPs have continued to find new ways for the people we support to connect with friends and family both in-person and virtually. They have also used resources to improve people’s lives, like connecting with the Behavioral Health team to ensure support and safety for the people we support as they navigate their jobs, relationships, and day-to-day lives.

The Arc’s Executive Leadership Team served all attendees. The events were open to all employees and people we support and were well-attended.

Additionally, The Arc’s supported all DSPs with a bonus, recognizing the critical role they play in our daily operations. There is no Arc without our DSPs’ resilience, creativity, and dedication. Being a DSP isn’t for everybody, but it’s clear that this organization is full of people who have found their calling, and it shows in the exceptional dedication they bring every day.

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