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Self-Direct Your Services Today

What is Self-Direction?

At The Arc, we believe in choice. Self-directing your services gives you the choice and control you need to live the life you want. You decide how, when, and who provides your  services while The Arc handles the paperwork and processing behind the scenes.

The Arc’s Self-Directed Services program supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who want to manage their own services. When you self-direct, you choose and hire who you want to provide your services, and you are responsible for training and supervising your employees. The Arc partners with you and handles all the payroll processing, invoice management, tax withholdings, and employment documentation on your behalf.

Self-Directed Services is one of the most innovative services available to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Maryland because it trusts people with disabilities to make their own choices and decide what works best for them.

As a participant employer, you have the flexibility to:

  • Select your vendors
  • Choose your services
  • Set hourly wages for your employees
  • Decide mileage reimbursement rates
  • Choose health insurance and benefits for your employees
  • Hire your employees
  • Onboard and train employees on what they need  to know while working for you 
  • Approve your employees’ digital timesheets and time off requests

In 2007, The Arc partnered with the State of Maryland to bring Self-Directed Services to Maryland. With 17 years of experience, The Arc is the largest provider of Self-Directed Services in the state. Today, we support over 2,300 Participant employers and their more than 6,000 employees throughout Maryland.

Forms & Resources

As a Self-Direction Participant, you have many many roles and responsibilities that are specific to you and your support team. The Arc helps you and your team with your responsibilities in  employee payroll and related tasks, as well as processing payments for services outlined in your Person-Centered Plan and budget.

Frequently-Downloaded Forms

Tools & Technology

The Arc uses tools and technology to help participants manage their services. The Arc’s FMS Engine is online software that assists participants and their teams with managing budgets, making payments, and much more. The software’s built-in automation minimizes manual processes, making it easier to use. It also gives people who choose to self-direct more control and quicker and easier access to their data.

Ready to Enroll?

Explore your independence and self-determination with the support of Self-Directed Services. We’ll be with you every step of the way through your journey.

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