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DSPs: The Faces of Service

December 16, 2022
Direct Support Professionals (DSPs)

At The Arc, Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are the backbone of what we do. This is a critical and sometimes challenging role that isn’t for everyone.

A DSP plays an important, diverse role in the life of the person they support. DSPs advocate for the person they support to have full independence and autonomy in decisions. DSPs create opportunities for people to live, work, and connect with the community around them. DSPs facilitate activities in the community based on each person’s unique interests and goals. And DSPs support new learning and skills, from personal accountability to learning to cook a new meal.

Throughout the pandemic and beyond, The Arc’s DSPs have continued to find new ways for the people we support to connect with their families, friends, and community. They’ve supported people in everything from creating and participating in a bowling league, organizing group events to spend time with their friends, applying for and landing a new dream job, and learning a new meal to surprise a lucky fiancé.

The Arc is successful because of the resilience, creativity, and gentleness of every DSP. They are facilitators, partners, and opportunity creators. Most of all, they are an example of exceptional dedication and service.

We invite you to join The Arc as a Direct Support Professional and experience a job where every moment is truly meaningful.

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