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The Arc Celebrates 17 Years of Service on Talbot Day

April 25, 2024
Jonathon Rondeau leads hard hat tours of the Port Street Commons site on Talbot Day

The Arc Central Chesapeake Region (The Arc) has been an important part of Talbot County history for nearly 20 years and, with the launch of Port Street Commons in Fall 2024, The Arc will continue to be an undeniable part of Talbot County’s future.

The Arc’s commitment to providing high-quality services across Maryland’s Eastern Shore began with serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Talbot County in 2007. Since then, The Arc’s services in the region have grown exponentially and we continue to respond in real-time to the varied needs of the communities we support within Talbot County.

“Talbot County has a distinct history and culture unique from anywhere else in Maryland,” said Jonathon Rondeau, President & CEO of The Arc. “When we recognized a gap in services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the County twenty years ago, we understood the importance of meeting people where they were at, understanding the issues at play, and partnering with community leaders and families to create change. And we’re still creating positive change today.”

The Arc’s most notable and innovative contribution to Talbot County may be the launch of Port Street Commons, a 24,000-square-foot multi-use community resource coming to the Town of Easton in Fall 2024. Port Street Commons will combine housing, services, and office space all under one roof, and it will serve as the foundation for The Arc’s innovative community development work in the future alongside Chesapeake Neighbors and Chesapeake Community Development.

“Our organization has had profound impacts in the lives of dozens, if not hundreds, of children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities across the region,” said Greg Snyder, Vice President of Engagement at The Arc, “and Port Street Commons is a permanent, clear demonstration of our commitment to the Town of Easton and all of Talbot County.”

On Talbot Day 2024, Jonathon Rondeau, Greg Snyder, and Judi Olinger, Executive Director of Chesapeake Neighbors, led hard hat tours of the Port Street Commons site where walls have been erected, concrete is being poured, and the future of The Arc’s services is being set in stone.

“Port Street Commons says ‘The Arc and Chesapeake Neighbors are here, we are committed, and we are here to stay’—and we absolutely are,” said Judi.

The Arc’s impact in Talbot County is undeniable. The Arc continues to be an important economic leader, creating new jobs, providing innovative services, and establishing meaningful partnerships with like-minded changemakers throughout the County.

As The Arc looks to the future, the initiatives and projects the enterprise is preparing to launch promise incredible opportunities for more economic impact, more community revitalization, more community-integrated services, and more opportunities to reimagine our communities for the betterment of us all.

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