At The Arc, the people we serve are at the center of everything we do. While we build our services around what each person wants and needs, we recognize that many things influence what those services look like. For many people, their families and communities play an integral role in shaping their services. 

Fully supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities starts with supporting children and youth throughout the community. The Arc’s Children, Youth & Their Families program is part of our 2Gen approach where we don’t just tailor services to your child; we build a network of services that support your whole family and grow with your child throughout their life. 

Child-centered services are life-changing for the children and families who use them and lead to better outcomes as they grow. At The Arc, we prioritize supporting the children, youth, and families who experience the most need. 

Our programs cover three main areas: educational resources, financial resources, and direct services. These programs aim to remove the inequitable barriers parents face in supporting their children, so The Arc subsidizes these programs and offers them for free or at a minimal cost.