At The Arc, the people we serve are at the center of everything we do. We build our services around what each person wants and needs, and we recognize that each person has a unique vision for how they choose to engage with the community. 

Empowering people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to be active in the community starts with understanding each person’s needs, desires, interests, and personal goals. The Arc’s Day Services create opportunities for people to engage with the community based on what interests them and the type of life they want to lead. 

Whether you’re looking to volunteer, build life-long hobbies and skills, connect with friends, or work toward future employment, our team takes the time to get to know you. Together, we find opportunities for you to be active in the community in ways that fit your personality and lifestyle and match them with the support that works best for you. 

The Arc employs a team of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) who work directly with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities individually or in small groups. DSPs provide 1-5 days of support each week, and these services take place in the community during the day. DSPs provide transportation to and from community activities, picking people up in the morning and returning them home in the afternoon. 

Our DSPs support each person in finding what brings them joy and build a weekly schedule that empowers people to participate in activities that align with those interests. That might include volunteering at a shelter if you have a passion for animals, joining a Zumba class if you love dancing, learning a new recipe or meal prepping if you’re interested in health and fitness, or joining the book club at the local library if you love to read. Every day looks a little different but is centered around activities that fit your lifestyle and personal goals. 

From the very beginning, The Arc has been a leader in providing exclusively community-based day services. Our services have always taken place in the community, and we understand how much people’s quality of life is enhanced by lifelong learning, hobbies, volunteering, and engaging with the community in ways that are meaningful and authentic to each person.