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Update on the Financial Management and Counseling Services Contract

October 4, 2019
The Arc Headquarters

Dear Stakeholders,

It is with disappointment that we announce that The Arc Central Chesapeake Region (The Arc) has submitted our official notice to withdraw from consideration as a vendor for the Financial Management and Counseling Services Contract (Solicitation MDH/OPASS 20-17751).

The Arc has supported people with intellectual and developmental disabilities as a provider of Fiscal Management Services (FMS) for over 15 years. As the largest FMS provider in Maryland, The Arc has had the privilege to serve many people across the State in self-direction. Over the past several months, our team has worked diligently to comply with the procurement process and put forth a quality proposal for the State that reflects our experience and vision.

Unfortunately, the latest amendment decreasing the overall anticipated Participant pool, and removing the need for Counseling Services for DDA Participants, which impacted the Participant pool expected to receive Counseling Services significantly, has put us in a very difficult position. The RFP has outlined very demanding organizational infrastructure requirements that would not be sustainable without the appropriate scaling of services and associated revenue. Although we are passionate about serving our community in this capacity, we must consider the risks and strain to The Arc organization at-large if we were to receive an award under the revised conditions.

As we look towards this transition, it is important to remember that The Arc has a long history of incubating services and successfully transitioning services to a longterm provider. We are committed to working with DDA and all stakeholders to transition with excellence and to minimize the impact to Participants. The Arc will be meeting with the DDA in the next month to coordinate the transition to a new FMS vendor, once announced. Our decision to withdraw from the FMS RFP process does not affect any other aspects of The Arc’s programs & services.

Thank you for your support and patronage of The Arc’s Fiscal Management Services. If you have any questions regarding the transition, please reach out to Tracy Davis, Director of Fiscal Management Services, at

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