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Executive Leaders

Jonathon Rondeau

President & CEO
Jonathon’s tenure as President & CEO is characterized by a commitment to driving transformative change and growth at every level of The Arc Central Chesapeake Region’s enterprise. Jonathon joined The Arc in 2017. Since then, The Arc has doubled in size, with more than 580 employees supporting over 3,000 people throughout nine counties in Maryland.

Matt Morgan

Chief Program Officer
Matt’s leadership as Chief Program Officer at The Arc Central Chesapeake Region is defined by his commitment to quality and his belief that the people The Arc supports are at the center of everything we do.

Megan Lyle, Esq.

Senior Vice President of Administration & General Counsel​
Megan is a strategic, thoughtful, and charismatic leader who fosters a culture of innovation and improvement grounded in compliance and best practices.

Jose Ochoa

Vice President of Finance
Jose is a strategic and thoughtful leader known for his calm demeanor and his ability to connect with people.

Judi Olinger

Executive Director, Chesapeake Neighbors
Judi Olinger is the Executive Director of Chesapeake Neighbors, an Arc Central Chesapeake Region company

Gregory Snyder II

Vice President of Engagement
Greg’s leadership as Vice President of Engagement at The Arc Central Chesapeake Region is marked by his commitment to building partnerships that support The Arc’s work enterprise wide.
Brandy Stephens promoted to Vice President of People & Culture

Brandy Stephens

Vice President of People & Culture
Brandy is a dynamic, empathetic, and strategic leader who fosters a culture of appreciation throughout her team and at every level of The Arc’s enterprise.


Karen Bradbury

Director of Outreach
Karen is responsible for leading the Enrollment and Budget Review teams within The Arc’s Self-Directed Services program

Jodie Colombo

Director of Day Services
As the Director of Day Services, Jodie excels at supporting people to make authentic connections throughout the community

Catie Comer

Director of Strategic Communications
Catie leads the creative team that tells The Arc’s story. She has refined The Arc’s brand and shaped our narrative throughout the community

Angie DeMoreland

Director of Executive Operations
As the Director of Executive Operations, Angie provides critical support to all aspects of The Arc’s enterprise. She leads Corporate Facilities

Joan Green

Director of Talent Acquisition
Joan leads the Talent Acquisition team, which navigates the ever-changing job market to ensure The Arc is hiring and onboarding the best possible talent

Niki Jones

Director of Living Options & Services
As the Director of Living Options & Services, Niki manages a diverse team of leaders responsible for ensuring people throughout

Peter Koch

Director of Stakeholder Relations
As the Director of Stakeholder Relations for Self-Directed Services, Peter leads an experienced team of problem-solvers who provide expert customer service

Cindy Lindgren

Senior Director of Behavioral Health
As the Senior Director of Behavioral Health, Cindy is a fierce advocate for providing access to tailored mental health support for people with intellectual

Leigh McHargue

Director of Employer Resources
As our Director of Employer Resources, Leigh leads a large, highly motivated team of managers and specialists to support Participants and their employees as they

Robyn Nesmith

Senior Director of Innovation & Improvement
As Senior Director of Innovation & Improvement, Robyn is responsible for ensuring The Arc’s ongoing growth across all services and divisions is matched by

Alethea Ragland

Director of Processing Operations
As Director of Processing Operations, Alethea manages our diverse, highly skilled Self-Directed Services payroll, accounts payable, and financial reporting teams

Shannon Ross

Director of Talent Experience
As the Director of Talent Experience, Shannon manages all areas related to employee relations, retention, engagement, and total rewards

Zaid Salbi

Director of Information Technology
As Director of Information Technology, Zaid is responsible for leading The Arc’s IT team and initiatives, providing strategic management of IT projects

Jessica Sauers

Director of 2Gen Initiatives
As our Director of 2Gen Initiatives, Jessica is responsible for leading both Children, Youth & Their Families and Community Supports

Christina Taylor, Esq.

Director of Compliance & Associate Counsel
In her role as our Director of Compliance & Associate Counsel, Christina monitors and facilitates compliance programs related to regulatory

Marc Weinstein

Senior Director of Self-Directed Services
As Senior Director of Self-Directed Initiatives, Marc is responsible for leading all departments within Self-Directed Services

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